Online entry booking – Treburland Trial Sunday 9th May 2021

Please complete the form below to book your place in the trial.

 Once your place has been confirmed please print and complete your entry form and membership (if needed) from the website and seal them in an envelope along with your entry fee with your name and contact details marked clearly on the front.

Entry Fees

Adult entry – £15

Youth entry – £5

Club Membership – £10

There will be a secure deposit box for the envelopes when signing on at the start.

(if you are unable to print your forms please contact and I will complete a form on your behalf – you must still deposit your entry fee in your marked envelope)

Please note although we are not accepting pre-payment anyone who successfully books a place and fails to attend on the day with-out good reason or at least 24 hours notice will still be expected to pay for their entry and may be excluded from any future events at the committee’s discretion.

Cheques made payable to Launceston Motorcycle Club Limited please .

Final instructions including start times will be e-mailed and posted on the club website nearer the time or once all entries have been accepted.