Online Booking Form – 30/12/23

– Trials supplementary regulations  

Launceston Motorcycle Club Limited will organise an event held under the Trials Rule Book and Standing Regulations of the Amateur Motor Cycle Association (AMCA) and any final instructions that may be issued by the club, all of which are available on the website – 

Date:  Saturday 30th December 2023 

Venue: Lower Wembsworthy Farm, Hartland, Devon EX39 6EN

Start Time: 11:00 am for all classes

Clerk of the Course: Tim Wooldridge 

The event will be signed posted from the A39 –  at Bursdon Moor (near to the Westcountry Inn) Parking will be on hard standing, BUT will be limited, so please park sensibly and as efficiently as possible – there will be committee members on the day directing parking.

What three words location –

Sorry – NO overnight stays are permitted at this venue


Due to the limited parking space. Entries will be limited to a maximum of 50 riders.
Please complete the online booking, to reserve your place for the trial.
Forms and Payments will be taken as usual on the day and close at start
Entry Forms are available on the website to complete prior to arrival –

As per the entry form – This is an Open Trial – All riders should hold either a Launceston MCC Annual Membership or a Guest Day Membership – Both available at the event on the day.
Membership Forms are available on the website to complete prior to arrival –

Payment either by cash or cheque only – Card Payments cannot be accepted.
Cheques are to be made payable to Launceston Motorcycle Club Limited. 

This is a trial for SOLO riders. The event is a sporting trial of a non severe nature.
The event will comprise of eight sections, all on private land.
Each section will have four routes and will need to be completed in four laps.
Sections will be a mix of rock, natural hills, tree routes, streams and climbs.

The organisers reserve the right to postpone or cancel the event if circumstances demand it

Spectators are welcome. There will be NO toilets or catering trailer.

BUT  Complimentary Tea & Coffee will be available (bring your own cups if you want).

General Rules:

Machine Eligibility – Machines must be in a good safe state of repair  i.e. controls, levers, brakes, wheels and not hazardous to the rider and other competitors. The club reserves the right to scrutineer machines.

All riders under the age of 16 must be accompanied throughout the trial by one secure person who must be at least 18 years of age and who can come to the rider’s assistance should they need it.

There will be NO pillion passengers at this event.

Course/section markers are as stated on the entry form.

There are no specific starting orders, although riders may be split into groups to start at different sections to aid rider flow through the sections.

The start of this trial will be signalled by the sound of a car horn, this will be followed by a rider briefing, where any final instructions will be given or posted on a notice board all located at the entry’s trailer.

Each section will be marked by an independent observer.
Riders must wait for the Observers instructions before entering a section.

Sections should be ridden in sequence unless otherwise instructed or agreed by an Observer.

Riders are advised to double-check with Observers that they have completed all laps of all sections BEFORE signing -off.
Riders are requested to SIGN-OFF at the entries trailer as soon as they have completed all sections or on retirement.

A back-marker will close the course and inform all Observers.

Ties will be decided on the number of cleans.

The Club may from time to time use a climb as a section, which will be graded ’0’ at the bottom to ‘9’ at the top. The riders will fail when they dab their foot or stop forward motion, and the position of the front wheel spindle will determine the marking at the point of failing. Machines with excessively noisy exhausts will be excluded.

Only members of Launceston MCC Ltd will qualify for championship points throughout the year as follows: WIN 3 points, SECOND 2 points, THIRD 1 point.

Final results will be posted on the club website and Facebook page within 24 hours of the event closing –

 ** Covid-19 additional measures** In order to ensure the safety of all involved a number of measures will be put in place by the club inline with any current Government guidelines, AMCA guidelines and best practice.
Whilst every effort will be made to ensure adherence to requirements set out in the final instructions and on the day of the event, each individual in attendance is responsible for their own health and safety and therefore should not attend if they have symptoms of Covid-19 and or have been in contact with anyone showing symptoms. 

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